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"These are not the first set of ear monitors I've had but they are the best sounding by far! i could not believe how amazing they sounded and how comfortable they are to wear. these ears really do make a huge difference. I would recommend these ears because of the easy custom molding process, the case and all the tools that come with the ears and warranty of the product. Thanks Joy "

The artists/bands are in alphabetical order

Jim Adair

Jay Adkins

Troy Aikman

Gary Allan

Dustin Allen

Jason Allen

Jeff Allen

Randy Allen

Fred Andrews

Bob Arnold

Bryan Austin

Brad Baisley

Josh Barnard

Shane Barnhill

Ryan Beaver

Ray Benson

Jerry Bishop

Russell Black

Scott Blassingame

Ed Bond

Wade Bowen

Lee Brice

Drew Brown

Dane Bryant

Joe Busa

Brison Bursey

AJ Castillo

Chris Cagle

Ruben Calderon

Stone Calhoun

Mark Chesnutt

Susan Chumley

Buster Clark

Chris Didear

Bri Bagwell

Bryce Conway

Johnny Cooper

Clay Cooper

Gary Corbett

Bo Cox

Roger Creager

Brett Crenshaw

Audra Cross

Steve Cross

Bart Crow

Don Crum

Caroline Cutbirth

Allie Danielle

Jay Davis

Patrick Dean

Robert DiBlanco

Bryan Dickson

Chris Didear

Amber Dodson

Casey Donahew

Lange DeBault

Amber Dodson

Bleu Edmondson

Kevin Fowler

Ronnie Fortner

Billy Freeman

Bubba Garcia

Noah Garcia

Dick Gay

Brantley Gilbert

Joe Gonzales

Patty Griffin

Rex Griffith

Curtis Grimes

Carlos Gutierrez

Case Hardin

Rebecca Harris

Todd Hartmann

Erskine Hawkins

Steve Helms

Chance Hendrix

Jim Henson

Taylor Hicks

Kevin Howard

Jessie Howeth

Kenny Hoyt

Aaron Ivey

Deena Jakoub

Ryan James

Kari Jobe

Ben Jones

Sarah Jones

Josh Kaylor

Brian Keane

Robert Kearns

Lee Kelley

Seth Kendall

Kelly Kenning

Chris Knight

Casey Korkmas

Darren Kozelsky

Gary Kyle

James Lann

Stoney LaRue

Tracy Lawrence

Whitney Layne

Johnny Lee

Woody Lee

Frank Liddell

Josh Lopez

Dakota Lovett

Rachel Loy

Darwin Macon

Maximus Maggs

Travis Medlin

Mina Malldin

Jennifer Martinez

Teddy Martinez

Rocky Marvel

William May

Justin McBride

Kevin McCollough

Brett McCormick

Kelly McDonald

Tim McDonald

Mark McKinney

Jason McLaurin

Miles McPherson

Travis Medlin

Robert Miller

Brian Milson

Mandy Moore

Justin Morris

Anthony Morra

Cory Morrow

Gary P Nunn

Noel Olivas

George Olson

Kenny Orts

Brad Paisley

Kyle Park

Todd Parsons

Jeremy Peters

Bobby Phillips

Kellie Pickler

Tony Pierce

James Pinkston

Michelle Poe

Stephen Pointer

Mike Potter

Eric Raines

Jesse Raub Jr

Derrick Ray

Rayla Ray

Paul Redel

Jennifer Reiff

Brandon Rhyder

Sam Riggs

Curtis Roberson

Heather Roberts

Darius Rucker

Colin Russell

Blu Sanders

Mary Sarah

Rob Schilz

Thom Shepherd

Randy Smith

Justin Spates

Aaron Spears

Tommy Shane Steiner

Cory Stone

Doug Stone

George Strait

Sunny Sweeney

Jason Tantaros

Tyler Tschoerner

Ryan Tedder

Phillip Thomas

Pam Tillis

Buck Trent

Lonnie Trevino

Jake Turner

Troy Vance

Mike Waldron

Django Walker

Josh Ward

Pat Waters

Aaron Watson

Earl Wear

Glenn Wheeler

Kerry Williams

Gretchen Wilson

Lee Ann Womack

Jon Wolfe

Chris Young

Thomas W Young

Ace in the Hole Band

Asleep at the Wheel

Brad Thompson Band



Cherokee Rose

Christian House of Prayer

Cody Johnson Band

Community Bible Church


Dallas Cowboys

Dark Blonde


Dutton Band


Clint Black Band

Electric Touch

Eli Young Band


Hodak Band

Hutto Bible Church

Jason Boland & the Stragglers

JB & the Moonshine Band

Johnny Cooper Band

Josh Abbott Band


Make Me Smile Band

Modern Day Drifters

Night Ranger

No Justice


PovertyNeck Hillbillies

Presley Country Jubilee

Randy Rogers Band

Reckless Kelly


Robert Donahue Band

Smokin Gun


Spur 58




Ten Mile Crossing

Texas Unlimited Band

The Fountain Fellowship

Then Rankin Twins

The Ready Set

Three Dog Night

TPHFW Music and Fine Arts

Turnpike Troubadours

Tyrone Vaughan Band

Whiskey Myers

Zona Jones Band

80 Proof Band